The Kit List

We use Pro Tools with a 002 interface, usually running at 48/24.

Our mics include Rode, Audio Technica, Shure, Oktava and AKG models, widely varied in polar pattern and response for application to any source. Focusrite mic pre and Mackie mixer.

A Vox Tonelab and a handbuilt all valve Hayden MOFO, with a Lexicon multi-effect rack unit provide guitar tones for an original 65 Epiphone Casino and all the usual Strats, Teles and rock monsters.

A Korg M1 and an Akai MPK provide midi input control and we use Pro Tools and Reason instruments.

A variety of monitors are available. A Quad 303 power amp drives vintage Celestions, Bose 201s and Dynaudio BM5s for critical listening. All monitoring is in real time and latency free.

We mix to a ReVox HS77 (A77 running at 15ips) with Quantegy 478 Low Print tape.

Cd mastering is through Steinberg Wavelab 7, with ISRC code embedding, if required.

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