Saint Max

Max Syed-Tollan, aka Saint Max, is a singer and songwriter from Creetown in SW Scotland. He wanted to record songs for an EP, so we suggested a session to track as many songs as possible in a day. The Razorbills were kind enough to loan us their recording venue for the day and we set out with a four mic setup to capture the totality of Max's performance.

Using several mics to build up a more complete sonic picture of a solo performer gives us more options at mixdown, as we can spread the tracks across the stereo image to give greater depth and life to the track.

The project is now at the mastering stage, our trusty Revox HS77 having worked its magic, and the CD will be authored presently.

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  1. Since these sessions, Saint Max has recorded an EP with a band in Glasgow, using many of the ideas generated with us. Chuffed.