Monday, 23 September 2013

The Razorbills - new lp.

Plenty happening here at this time. The Razorbills' second lp - as yet untitled - is in progress. Drums were recorded in the Faed Gallery at The Mill on the Fleet, home to The Mill Sessions. The kit was mic'd using the Glyn Johns method - 4 mics: 2 overheads, kick and snare - giving us a large scale image of the kit and the space. Top efforts on kit from Iain McLeod, who played his heart out for two weeks to the live guides provided by the rest of the band at the other end of the building. Now we are arranging guitars and other fretted instruments and will commence tracking them next week. The band are keen to make their second release a significant step forward from To Hell...and we are taking our time to find parts that do justice to a great collection of songs.