Sunday, 29 July 2012

Peter Kelly - Beerjacket

Beerjacket at the Mill - really looking forward to this one.
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An Audience With Ted

Tomorrow at 8 with Ted Percy and the gang. Promises to be an interesting night here at Emdubya.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

An audience with Ted Percy

Ted Percy is a old school sax groover, steeped in trad jazz, The Goons and many other beat generation cults. He has commissioned MDubbleu to record an EP of the finest moments of one evening's Audience With Ted.

In attendance will be Harry Thomson, Alan McClure and Franca Bruno (observing), who is considering the idea of selling the Eps in her shop in Gatehouse of Fleet.

We'll be using close mics on everyone as we're after some clean audio to construct mixes around - extra instruments, sound effects, etc - and expand the ideas in Ted's original performances.


New Razorbills LP?

Have had chats recently with The Razorbill's   Harry Thomson. He has hinted that  demo recording should begin soon for a possible new LP. Great news for us here at EmDoubleEwe ;)

Watch this space...

Monday, 9 July 2012

I spent some time today making sure that there is a large, comfortable space to play and record electric, acoustic and bass guitars. In the space there is also a good stereo, which can pump loops, cds, tapes, minidiscs and vinyl. I think it's really important to sit, play, talk and listen.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Quite a lot to report since our last post.

MW Sound moved premises in May, to Gatehouse of Fleet. The new place is much bigger, with gardens and better facilities. The studio is operational and sports a large room for performance/recording and a smaller one where the machinery and engineer/producer can sit and boss people around from.

At The Mill Sessions here in Gatehouse we have recorded FarinoSean TaylorSamba Sene and Bellevue Rendezvous. Those recordings have all benefited from our newly acquired Rode K2 multi-pattern valve condenser mic, which has filled the figure-of-eight role in our mid-side mic setup very effectively. The beautiful acoustics of the Faed Gallery (in The Mill on the Fleet), where all The Mill Sessions are held are captured very accurately indeed due to this upgrade.

Last year's Sessions have been distilled to create a cd of the finest performances from Sean Taylor, Beth Fouracre, Farino, The Razorbills, Masayuki Kino, Qiku, Mary Barclay/Doug Carroll and Ewan McClennan. Pre-release feedback has been very positive and we are awaiting permission from just one artiste before we go to pressing. The cds will be on sale at future Mill Sessions events and in the shop at The Mill on the Fleet.